An agency that will listen and respond

The most important skill Resolute Staffing incorporates is the ability to listen. When you give us the opportunity to work on a search, we'll ask you to tell us exactly what you are looking for, not only from a technical standpoint but also what type of candidate will work for your environment and your team.

How many times have you had recruiters try and tell you what you need as if they know your business better than you do? This only results in a waste of time, reviewing resumes with backgrounds you don't want, or meeting candidates that don't fit your team's needs. Our goal is to show you candidates who will truly be of interest to you, not send you 10 resumes and hope for the best. We do that by listening to what you want.

Whether you are a Human Resources professional handling recruiting for your Finance and Accounting department or a hiring manager looking to staff your own department, you'll find us extremely responsive and easy to work with. We'll help you find what you need with a straight forward, honest approach that will make us a valuable partner when you need to hire staff.